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Hey everyone, first of all, Ver[0.1a] can be downloaded here : http://www.indiedb.com/games/six-eight-two/downloads/six-eight-two-01a PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS LINK/VERSION IS NOT THE VERSION IN THE VIDEO. This version was, however release just over a week ago as of the 13/06/13

-Please note that this game does have co op, two players are required to lure 682 into his cell, which is why he is stood outside the door like that. -The gunfire and large roars you hear before the power goes out is from 682s containment breach in the game, SCP:Containment Breach -A lot of the sounds do not work on my PC for some reason, but they work fine for other PCs -The game is in alpha, we are aware of the overlapping textures and glitches

Thank you for watching and understanding, we hope you enjoy the video.

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